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The premier facilitator in cryptocurrency due diligence and institutional trading, based in Switzerland.

what we do

Liquidity Provider of Cryptocurrencies
We provide our clients with institutional access to the cryptocurrency market.
We have established corporate relationships with the most well-known crypto exchanges, OTC desks, and banks.

Converting Crypto to Fiat or Fiat to Crypto for large amounts is now a problem of the past. We offer our clients virtually unlimited daily withdrawal capacity and are actively following the block trade market. We work our orders with best execution practices through dedicated traders, remaining focused and thorough during the whole process.
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Crypto Advisor
How can you choose between new and historic projects, where to invest? We have a team of dedicated analysts who assess the potential of promising projects in the crypto space and monitor the market to anticipate and capture future price catalysts. Based on our research, we provide our clients with various options to help them build their portfolio allocation and diversify their risk.
Security Expert
As soon as we source altcoins, they are immediately pulled out of the exchange and sent to segregated wallets. All coins are kept offline (cold storage) with no private key stored on any server, no seed ever exposed to the light of the Internet. The protection of our clients’ investments is at the core of our processes. All clients data are handled behind secured VPNs, the information kept fragmented, with strict protocols.
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We aim to be the leading Swiss expert in facilitating investments in the cryptocurrency market. Navigating the crypto markets can be daunting but at Altcoinomy, we make it as easy as instructing the bank with a wire transfer. You transfer the money, we take care of the process. Your keys will be in your hands and you will be your own custodian.
A​ ​bridge​ ​from​ ​New​ ​World​
​to​ ​Old​ ​World
We understand that some of our clients require a link between the crypto world and the traditional banking system. Our parent company - a well known family office in Geneva - has been offering traditional wealth management services for ultra high net worth individuals over the past 15 years. Our experience and relationships with banks in Geneva give us the ability to facilitate the cash-out of crypto whales and ICO corporate entities. We help our clients build and corroborate their cases to ensure a smooth compliance process and a swift onboarding.
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Hard Asset Tokenization
Some of our high net worth clients have an interest in non-conventional investments. They want to invest in fine wine, in high-end gemstones, contemporary works of art or forestry assets. They are interested in collectible watches, premium real estate, vintage luxury cars or rare earth materials. Think hard assets outside the traditional banking framework.
This has led us to think of ways to migrate hard assets to the blockchain. We came to the conclusion that digital ledger technologies offer a unique opportunity to provide liquidity in markets that are traditionally plagued by layers of financial intermediaries and lack of granularity. Further, DLTs facilitate the exchange of property, the same way bitcoin has enabled free transfer of value or the Internet has democratized access to information.
Check out our website, yellow paper and whitepapers: WINE, GEM, CAR.
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KYC/AML operator
for the onboarding of ICO/STO contributors
We facilitate the screening of ICO/STO contributors during private sales, pre-sales and crowdsales. Our platform features:
  • formal video identification of the beneficial owners of the funds at the Swiss Standard, compliant with the latest FINMA circular.
  • geotagging of IP address and exclusion of countries under embargo.
  • systematic forensic analysis of the crypto addresses from where the funds originate.
  • detection of crypto addresses blacklisted by OFAC.
  • automated MRZ Optical Character Recognition of official ID documents issued by more than 150 countries
  • offline encrypted user data storage. (Nothing in the cloud)
Check our demo video!

Our Team

Our team

Olivier Cohen
Founder, C.O.O
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Noé​ ​Curtz
​Chief Technology Officer
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Pascal Minger
Compliance Officer
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Constantin Lanaras
Co-founder, C.E.O
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Afsaneh Heyat
Chief Product Officer
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Adi Somech
Head of Flow
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Constantin Papadimitriou
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Marie-Elise Liechti
Compliance Officer
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Gregory​ ​Lanaras
Marketing​ ​Coordinator
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